Best Chopper To Buy In 2020

Food choppers, also called food processors, are practical appliances used to chop food quickly and precisely. A lot of time can be saved with a food processor.
A great food chopper comes with many features that are beneficial for any kitchen. Their importance differs based on your needs, but you should always look for components such as bowl capacity and high-quality blades. Safety here plays a central role (you don’t want your fingers to be chopped off…), so be careful when choosing. But don’t worry: as always, we accurately selected the top 10 food choppers for you! Make yourself comfortable and let’s start with the list!

1. The Original Vidalia Chop Wizard

This product, sold by Vidalia Chop Wizard, belongs to the original series made by this company. It allows you to easily chop fruits and vegetables. Prepare tomatoes and onions for a chunky salsa in little time. This appliance features a stainless steel blade that is designed to last: it won’t rust and bend over time. Additionally, the packaging includes a free dicer blade to interchange the old one whenever you wish to. It works with a single swift motion. The components can be entirely disassembled and can be safely washed in a dishwasher. The see-through tray can hold up to 2 cups of food, so if you live alone or with a partner this product will satisfy your needs. Beware! The reviews are conflicting: some people say it’s an amazing product, but others state that it breaks immediately. In any case, it’s worth a try: the product provides a money-back guarantee warranty in case you run into any trouble.

2. Fullstar Spiralizer Vegetable Chopper

Fullstar offers an affordable all-in-one tool that allows you to prepare salads, onions, salsas and more. It has a 1.2 liters capacity, which is a considerable volume. It has a catch tray that minimizes the mess resulting from the chopping. There is a storage container that holds the prepared vegetables before you are ready to cook them in a pan. The product doesn’t require electricity, so it can be used anywhere at any moment. This dust-resistant appliance is provided with stainless steel blades that meticulously cut every piece of food and preserve their sharpness after many uses. This food chopper can be entirely disassembled to ensure easy cleanup. The spiralizer allows you to give a cool spiral-like look to your food.

3. Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper

This food processor is useful to chop large portions of fruit, vegetables, and even ice. It is entirely hand-powered, so no electricity is needed to make this appliance work. It’s a compact product that fits in small kitchens and it can be carried around for picnics, camping and travels. Its usage is very simple: place the ingredients, lock the lid and pull the cord to spin the blades. The product also features a sealing storage lid to keep the chopped ingredients in the container until you’re ready to cook or eat. Blades, bowl, and lid can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

4. Brieftons QuickPull Food Chopper

This food chopper can provide up to 4 cups at once and suits large meal prepparations. This product is designed to combine chopping and blending. It features a pair of stainless steel blades that preserve their sharpness after each usage, a comfortable soft lid grip, an anti-skid base and a large handle. To chop, all you have to do is pull the lever! All these elements combined provide safety to the product. Additionally, the blades and bowl can be easily cleaned in a top-rack dishwasher. Brieftons’ food processor comes with a few ebooks that illustrate some interesting recipes, which is very useful if you are a beginner and want to start preparing simple dishes.

5. Brieftons QuickPush Food Chopper

This food processor is very practical: you place the food, close the lid and that’s it! The result is composed of uniform dices of fruits, vegetables, and more. It also has a great capacity: it holds up to 8 cups of prepared vegetables thanks to the doubled size of the container. The product features three blades of different lengths made of heavy-duty German hardened stainless steel: this prevents rust and sharpness loss over time. Hand washing is recommended, but the components can be safely washed in a top-rack dishwasher. Brieftons provides you with a few ebooks to prepare interesting dishes (just like the previous product).

6. Kuhn Rikon Pull Chop

Almost every person who left a review gave a 5-stars vote to this product! This Swiss-made product features a sharp stainless steel pair of blades that dice every piece of inserted food. Additionally, there are three chopping modes available: you can dice coarse, medium or fine. The product is made in resistant plastic, comes with a non-slip base and works by pulling a lever. The more you pull, the finer the pieces of food get. In addition to being completely dishwasher safe, this product is sold at a fair price. However, beware: it provides just 2 cups per time, which is fine if you live alone or with a partner.

7. Sedhoom 23 in 1 Food Chopper

This appliance is very versatile: it allows you to chop and dice according to 23 different methods. You can prepare many dishes and servings thanks to this. You can peel, dice, grate, slice, spiralize and much more! The product includes a lot of accessories to help you obtain the desired chop. Safety is a key feature here: Sedhoom provides you with a hand glove to prevent you from cutting your fingers. The blades are ultra-sharp, so be careful when you clean them. To help you with that, there is a cleaning claw and a brush already provided. The blades are made in stainless steel to prevent rust. Hand washing is preferred.

8. LHS Vegetable Chopper

This manual product is realized features an ergonomic design that can store the ingredients after being chopped. Additionally, it is designed to protect your hands and fingers from getting injured. The blades are made of 301-grade stainless steel that efficiently dice fruits, vegetables, nuts, mushrooms, carrots and more, while the container has an anti-skid rubber base to add safety when using it since it is manually operated. This appliance is provided with a set of 5 interchangeable blades. At last, this product can be easily cleaned, as it can be completely disassembled and washed both manually or in a dishwasher with ease.

9. Ultra Chef Express Food Chopper

This 7 in 1 appliance is a practical tool designed with three samurai-chopping blades made of stainless steel that provide surgical and fast chopping. Additionally, they won’t rust or bend after many usages. Since it’s a manual appliance, you can get the desired bulk by spinning it as many times as you want. The product can provide up to 5 cups of chopped food at once. The cool feature is that it’s not only a chopper: it can work as a juicer, as a shredder and also as a whipper. The anti-skid base and the lateral handles provide safety and comfort. Ultra Chef also offers you a warranty, which is a nice bonus.

10. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

This multi-functional appliance includes 7 inserts that can be easily changed: there are also two copper blades of different sizes and two spiralizers to customize your dishes the way you want to. This product is also a juicer, a handheld peeler, and a slicer. It is very versatile. These features ensure a wide variety of servings and give you the opportunity to treat many ingredients and suit different tastes. Made of ABS non-toxic plastic and BPA free, this food processor has a space-saver blade organizer to help you with the storage process. Additionally, Fullstar offers a nice warranty to refund unsatisfied customers.


How do I clean my food chopper?

Cleanup varies from one product to one another. You can always safely wash them by hand, but some products are dishwasher safe. Check the info written above to find out which ones require which cleaning method.

Are multi-functional choppers better?

It depends on your needs. Multi-functional choppers are more versatile and allow you to create more dishes than limited-function ones. However, if you just need to chop food you might want to consider buying a product with limited functions, that are usually less expensive.

What makes a good food chopper?

There are many factors to consider. The first thing to look for is the quality of the blades since they have to chop every piece of food in little time. Capacity is another key feature, but this depends on your needs.

How many different types of food can I chop?

As long as the blades are of great quality, you can chop a lot of different ingredients. The variety of food you can dice depends on the functions of the food processor, so if you’re looking for something that can slice cheese, make sure you buy a food chopper that is also a slicer!

What about the mess?

The mess shouldn’t be a problem since the chopping process takes place inside the container. Always ensure that the lid is firmly in place before every use, since it also prevents you from getting badly injured.


Now that you’ve come this far in reading, you should have all the info needed to make the right purchase. Remember that certain features are more relevant than others, such as safety and blade quality. Besides, there are plenty of functions to suit your needs. Make sure you buy a multifunctional food chopper if you want to set your creativity free and start preparing a lot of different dishes. Price is a small concern for this type of product: almost every appliance is available at a reasonable price. Additionally, many food processors include a money-back guarantee to let you enjoy a pleasant experience. Last but not least: watch your hands and make sure you are always safe when using the product!

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