Best Dinnerware Set To Buy In 2020

A dinnerware set is a must-have feature that every house should have. A dinnerware set is more than just a collection of plates: it’s an authentic language that speaks out loud your stylish tastes. It is also a means of expressing who you truly are. Additionally, it’s a way to impress and satisfy your dinner guests: every meal tastes better when served in a fashionable plate, and according to many starred chefs, a meal is first eaten with the eyes.
There are many factors to consider when buying a dinnerware set. The number of pieces included is the first thing you should look for: if you are looking for a wide set you are in the right place. In this list, we’ll show you sets that range from 10 to 16 pieces. Products also come in different shapes and sizes, so you should make sure your cupboard fits the set you’re going to buy. It seems an obvious thing, but many people underestimate this factor. Additionally, there are many colors to suit your house style.
With so many products available, it is difficult to choose the best set. But you shouldn’t worry: as usual, we did a deep research through the Internet and we selected the top 10 best dinnerware sets you can buy when shopping online. With that said, let’s start with the list!

1. Corelle Dinnerware Set 16 Pieces

Our journey starts with a set sold by Corelle. What differentiates this set from its competitors on our list is the squared shape of the pieces, especially of the plates. This not only gives a fancy look to the products, but it also helps to maintain the food at the center of the plate. If you want to impress your guests, this one is definitely for you! 

All pieces are made of tempered glass, which is a resistant material that prevents breaks, scratches and chips. Each piece is decorated with patterns that also resist fades. The set features: 

  • 4 salad plates of 9 inches each
  • 4 dinner plates of 10 ½ inches each
  • 4 dessert plates
  • 4 mugs

Additionally, each piece is heat resistant and can be put in a microwave. In the end, it is even dishwasher safe!

2. Corelle 16 Pieces Dinnerware Set

The second dinnerware set on our list is sold by Corelle. It’s a 16-piece dinner set that includes:

  • 4 dinner plates of 10 ¼ inches each
  • Bread and butter platters of 6 ¾ inches each
  • Soup and cereal bowls that hold up to 18 ounces
  • Ceramic mugs of 11 ounces. 

Every piece of this set is made of Vitrelle glass, a patented material that doesn’t flake or break. This feature makes the set incredibly durable, in spite of being designed to be space-saver: these thin pieces can fit comfortably in many cupboards. Each piece is decorated with patterns that don’t scratch off since the product is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. The product comes with a warranty of three years.

3. Yinshine 12 pieces dinnerware set

In the third position in our list we find a dinner set that is made of melamine, a material that resists against breaks while being lightweight. Due to its light nature, this set can be carried around easily. It’s also a compact set that can be easily stored away. Additionally, some pieces feature a nice-looking floral pattern. The set includes:

  • 4 dinner plates of 11 inches
  • 4 salad plates of 8 ½ inches
  • 4 bowls of 6 inches that can hold up to 17 oz

Beware that the set doesn’t suit microwave heating! However, it is top-rack dishwasher safe.

4. CORELLE Dinnerware Set Service for 12

This is a very elegant set: every piece is winter white, which is a fancy color that can also be complemented in your already existing dinnerware set. Every piece of this set is made of strong, triple-layer glass patented by Corelle, which is a resistant material that prevents breaks and flakes. Additionally, it is very light and it can be stacked with ease. The set includes:

  • 2 platters of 12 ½ inches
  • Two serving bowls of 1 quart each provided with lids
  • 2 serving bowls that hold up to 2 quarts
  • A cereal bowl of 18 ounces
  • A serveware

Unlike the previous set, this one is oven and microwave safe while also being dishwasher safe.

5. The Pioneer Woman 12-Piece Dinnerware Set

In the middle of our list, we find a set sold by The Pioneer Woman that is composed of:

  • 4 dinner plates of 10.75 inches each
  • 4 salad plates of 8.5 inches each
  • 4 bowls of 6.25 inches

It’s a perfect dinnerware set for families or small groups of people. The design is elegant and every piece features some pattern decorations that give a good-looking appeal to the products. The set is available in different colors and the reviews of the consumers are quite enthusiastic: the pictures shared by them show shining, colorful plates and bowls. 

Every piece is made of resistant stoneware. Additionally, you can wash the set in a dishwasher and you can put it in a microwave.

6. Denby 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

This is a large set since it contains 16 pieces, which is ideal for large family servings. These pieces are:

  • 4 salad plates of 8 ¾ inches each
  • 4 dinner plates of 10.5 inches each
  • 4 Curve Mugs
  • 4 bowls for cereals or soup 

Every piece comes in a fashionable turquoise color with white interiors and it suits your kitchen easily. Also, the set is entirely made of fully vitrified stoneware, which makes the products strong, reliable and chip resistant. Denby also states that every single piece is glazed by highly skilled craftsmen. In the end, all pieces can be put in a microwave, in an oven and in a freezer, while the set can be easily washed in a dishwasher.

7. Gibson Home 12-piece dinnerware set

As we get towards the end of the list, we find a fine dinnerware set sold by Gibson Home. All pieces of this set are made of resistant stoneware material and are decorated with wavy patterns. The set is available in different colors and you can select the best one that suits your style before buying. This 12-piece set features:

  • 4 dinner plates of 10.5 inches
  • 4 salad plates of 8.5 inches
  • 4 cereal bowls of 6 inches.

The whole set is designed to be microwave safe. Additionally, you can wash it in a dishwasher with no issues.

8. Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware Set 48 Pieces

This set, sold by Pfaltzgraff, features 48 pieces and is calibrated to provide service for 12 people. All pieces are designed to give a harmonious and traditional atmosphere to the table and to the room. The set is composed of:

  • 12 dinner plates of 11 inches each
  • 12 salad plates of 8 inches each
  • 12 soup & cereal bowls that hold up to 25 ounces each
  • 12 mugs that hold up to 15 ounces each 

The products are dishwasher safe and can be also put in the microwave. Keep into consideration that it’s an expensive set, but after buying it you will not need a new set for the next 10 years!

9. Blossomz Dinnerware Set 12 pieces

The name of the company (Blossomz) is coherent with the type of dinnerware set they sell. Each piece is decorated with floral motifs, which you will find very pleasant if you love nature. Additionally, it’s a colorful set since it features turquoise touches together with warm colors. The set features: 

  • 4 bowls of 6 ¼ inches
  • 4 salad plates of 8.5 inches
  • 4 dinner plates of 10.5 inches.

All pieces can be washed in a dishwasher. Also, you can put them in a microwave since every piece is heat-resistant.

10. Gibson Blue Dinnerware Set 16 Pieces

We have finally reached the bottom of our list. The last dinnerware set is sold by Gibson and comes in a royal blue color that is very elegant. Every piece is obtained by traditional finishing techniques, which produce small differences in color, texture and size; this means that two pieces will never be exactly the same. This set is designed specifically for families of 4 people. Featuring 16 pieces, this set includes:

  • 4 dessert plates
  • 4 dinner plates of 10 ½ inches each
  • 4 salad bowls of 8 ½ inches each
  • 4 mugs of 15 oz each

In the end, all pieces can be easily washed in a dishwasher.


Are larger sets better than smaller ones?

It depends on your needs. There’s really no need to buy a set of 16 pieces if you will use just 12. However, a larger set provides some reservoirs in case a product breaks, but every set on this list is break-resistant, so it’s not necessary to buy too many pieces.

Which is the most important feature I have to look for in a dinnerware set?

Since every product on this list is resistant to breaks and chips, we suggest you choose a set depending on the color and style you’re looking for. Also, you may want a dishwasher safe product if you don’t want to hand wash.

Is size important?

It is! In fact, it’s a feature many people overlook. You should check your cupboard capacity before buying: we’re sure you want your brand new set to fit your cupboard, otherwise you’ll have to return it!

Are there dinnerware sets with particular shapes?

Yes, there are! The shape is important since it expresses who you are through the product. It is also a nice way to impress your guests!

Do I have to spend a lot of money on a dinnerware set?

Every dinnerware set is a small investment. You should always consider spending some money since a dinnerware set is meant to last long and be fancy.


Our journey in the world of dinnerware sets has now come to an end. There are many sets out there that are waiting for you. Remember to choose carefully, especially taking size, design and colors into consideration. A dinnerware set is an excellent means to impress your guests and also your family: you can transform the table into a well-known, distinctive feature of the house.
As we said before, a dinnerware set is something that is meant to last. For this reason, you should consider spending some money on a dinnerware set. In any case, now you should have all the info required to make the right purchase: you just have to go for it!

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