Best Electric Countertop Burner to Buy In 2020

Electric countertop burners are functionally easy-to-use cooking appliances. Not only do they offer a great alternative to cooking, but they are also totally inexpensive. Whether you have little countertop space, or you are off to college or going camping, electric countertop burners provide you with the much-needed portable cooking solution. They are durable and come in a different range of features, sizes, settings, and peculiarities.
Electric countertop burners are mostly energy efficient with minimal heat loss. Their heat up and cool downtime is very fast making cooking and cleaning time-saving. They do not give off electromagnetic radiation, they have great thermostat-control temperature features, even heat distribution, and they can withstand the weight and pressure of any type of cookware. Most importantly, they work well with all types of cookware, unlike induction cooktops that can be very selective.
Making a purchase may get you overwhelmed with choices. That is why we are here to save you the stress with our awesome list of best 10 exceptional portable countertop infrared electric burners. Whatever it is you are looking at purchasing, there is something for everyone on this list. Come along with us on this exploration to get wowed by our collection.

1. Cusimax Ceramic Portable Electric Countertop Burner

Buying the Cusimax Ceramic Portable Electric Countertop Burner is a smart choice for buyers. This Rockstar, double-glass burner has lightning-fast heat-up; within seconds, this 1800W infrared burner heats up. With 900W on each plate of the burner, food is cooked fast; saving time and energy. If you have small counter space, there is no need to worry, Cusimax Infrared Electric burner is very portable, making it ideal for dorms, camping, RV traveling and offices. It is very safe and durable. You don’t have to worry about electromagnetic radiation, it is completely harmless. Its automatic safety turnoff function is thermostat regulated, eliminating overheating. Compared to the other electric countertop burners in this collection, it is compact but heavy duty. It has the ability to withstand the weight of heavy cooking and wears seamlessly. Its beautiful design can fit gracefully into any kitchen décor. That’s not all! It has an Intuitive and quick knob controller, for effortless temperature control and cooking flexibility. Additionally, it’s almost fifty percent more powerful and durable than any other electric countertop burners listed here.

2. Cusimax Ceramic Glass Plate Electric Countertop Burner

Cusimax ceramic glass plate electric countertop burner presents an easy and attractive way to cook food. The ceramic double glass hot plate is ideal for all types of pots and pans with very minimal heat loss. It is great for everyday use, very convenient for cooking and very suitable for small cooking countertop spaces. The burners are very efficient for cooking sauces, steak, grilled cheese, pasta, soup, vegetables and so much more. The Cusimax ceramic glass plate electric countertop burner has a stainless-steel body that is built for durability and survives frequent use. To clean, use a soft, damp cloth or soft sponge; easy right?

3. Cusimax Single Portable Electric Countertop Burner

Cusimax portable burner is a single hot plate burner with extra design flair. A knob controller makes it easy to efficiently control the 7-heat setting for a more precise cooking temperature. With 1500 Watts power, food heats up in real-time. The Cusimax single electric burner is portable, yet spacious. It is made of the cast-iron electric burner. Making it durable, safe and compatible with all cooking wares. The stainless-steel body is very easy to clean; after cooking, wipe with a moist towel and your burner is as good as new! Its anti-skid feet bottom makes the cooking appliance stable holding it firmly in place during cooking.

4. Cusimax double stainless-steel electric counter

This stainless-steel infrared cast iron double countertop burner is powered by electricity for high-efficiency heat production and even heat distribution. Its sophisticated stainless-steel top makes it easy to clean, lightweight, durable and can resist tough cooking conditions. It has the capacity to handle cookware with the maximum size of 7.4 plus 6.1 inches and it is highly compatible with all pots and pans. From glass to cast iron, copper, aluminum, frying pan, it performs efficiently with minimal or no heat loss. On the plus side, you can get a thirty days money-back guarantee in the case of any form of dissatisfaction.

5. Stainless-steel Electric Single Countertop Burner

If you are thinking about saving so much space with a portable powerful cooking appliance, then, Cusimax stainless-steel electric single countertop burner is a great way to go. With 1500W, it cooks easy and at a fast pace, saving cooking time and conserving energy. No matter your cooking style, it is highly efficient; it works well with stir fry or slow cook. Cusimax stainless-steel electric single countertop burner is thermostatically controlled, regulating ideal temperature and heat stability. Although lightweight and portable, it is an electric powerhouse with the ability to tolerate cookware up to 7.4 inches. This stainless-steel burner is highly efficient and durable!

6. Stainless-steel Ceramic Infrared Electric Double Countertop Burner

Multipurpose, efficiency, and power are some of the great characteristics that describe the Cusimax stainless-steel ceramic infrared electric double countertop burner. Not only can this versatile electric burner cook different enjoyable meals, but the extra burner can be used to keep food warm. The ultra-modern brushed stainless-steel finishing is excellent for durability and easy cleaning. The 1800W electricity-powered infrared ceramic cooktop can handle all types of cookware and food heats up faster than the normal cooking ranges. Mind-blowing right? This is a cooking appliance to seriously consider especially when you need to whip up delicious meals quickly for the kids.

7. Cusimax 7-inch Glass Double Countertop Electric Burner

The Cusimax 7-inch glass double countertop electric burner has an infrared cooktop with no electromagnetic radiation. With a 7-level thermostat-controlled heat setting, the control knob can be set to maintain the desired heat temperature for steady cooking. It has a sophisticated sleek glass burner for easy clean, non-slip feet to hold it down firmly while cooking, thus making it safe for use. No need to worry about overheating, its one-meter power cord and thermal fuse checkmates overheating. It also features a cycle of heating; the heating light comes on and goes off during operation to ensure that the optimal temperature is being maintained. No stovetop or big storage space required; it is portable as it is functional.

8. Ovente Infrared Glass Electric Countertop Burner

When you think of a classy and portable burner, you think Ovente infrared glass electric countertop burner. It has a very flat stainless-steel metal body and a very lustrous crystallite ceramic glass top. So cool! It will sure look exceptional on any countertop, plus it is ultra-slim and super lightweight. Ovente glass electric countertop burner has an advanced infrared technology with high performance electric heat-up ranges that cooks any food two times faster and evenly than many electric countertop burners. Although it has a glass hot plate, it can confidently take on a cookware weight of up to five kilograms (eleven pounds).

9. Techwood Infrared Ceramic Double Plate Electric Countertop Burner

Techwood infrared ceramic double plate electric countertop burner has the perfect blend of superior temperature technology, versatility, and ultra-modern design. This Infrared ceramic burner is perfect for all kitchen types; it fits just right in! Its timeless stainless-steel housing and its crystallite double glass design makes cooking on the burner both fun and appealing. Techwood infrared ceramic double plate burner has a high thermal efficiency technology that sets it apart. Food heats fast and evenly, saving time and energy. This burner is of high quality, high efficiency, and high performance. For a purchase, you get a sixty-day hitch-free money-back guarantee return policy. Get yours now, risk-free!

10. Techwood Single Plate Electric Countertop Burner

Techwood single plate electric countertop burner is mini-sized, portable and powerful. It is powered by a 1100W electric coil that cooks food fast. Its slim space-saving ergonomic design makes it fit for transportation and safe storage. It holds firmly during cooking with its non-slip feet. It has a durable stainless-steel housing that makes it easy to clean, resistant to high temperatures and fire. The Techwood single plate electric countertop burner has a riveted rock-hard stainless-steel handle that stays cool during cooking and is great for handling. With its mini size, it can fit into confined spaces and it is compatible with all types of cookware.


Which is better, a single or double electric countertop burner?

Both are great! Your choice all depends on your cooking needs.

Can electric countertop burners be used outdoors?

Yes totally! They can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Are there any extra cleaning measures to take?

No extra cleaning measures required. Cleaning the top of the electric countertop burner with a damp town or soft sponge is ideal enough.

How long do I wait to clean my electric countertop burner after each use?

It is recommended you clean it after the burner cools down. Ideally, the cooldown time should be from 15 minutes after cooking.

Can I use any cookware on my electric countertop burner?

Absolutely! Electric countertop burners are compatible with all types of cookware.


There you have it, our top 10 list of amazing electric countertop burners. It is important to note that four primary factors need to be considered when buying an electric countertop burner. They include functionality, portability, safety, and type. An electric countertop burner should be lightweight and convenient for use. They come in two plate types; solid cast iron and ring plates. The heat temperature control is important functionality to look out for; it’s important for regulation and fast cooking. Electric cooking appliances can do serious damages; therefore, it is unwise to ignore safety measures. Go for electric countertop burners with extra safety measures. In all, make sure to put your needs into consideration, then, pick an electric countertop burner from our list!

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