Best Electric Griddles to Buy In 2020

As a newbie or proficient cook, the griddle should be your go-to cooking device. Whatever it is; breakfast, lunch or dinner, a griddle is flexible, fast, foolproof and it provides a very enjoyable cooking experience. Foods made on the griddle can be delicious and it is a very healthy alternative way of cooking as it requires little or no oil.
A griddle is so much more than a cooking device, it brings families and loved ones together over shared meals. Whether indoor or outdoor, during family picnics, get-togethers, or cookouts, a griddle is often one key piece of cooking equipment used to mark one of those family moments. From fluffy pancakes to tasty bacon, yummy hamburgers, finger-licking grilled cheese, appetizing Rueben sandwiches, savory eggs, the griddle performs at its best.
It is so easy to whip up meals for the kids, grill meat for guests and try other favorite easy-to-make foods on the go with just simple knob-turning techniques. Griddles are lifesavers! They make the tedious work of making meals simple, quick, fun and convenient.
We have compiled a list of ten remarkable griddles. So, follow us on this exploration to find the griddle that best suits your needs. Read on!

1. Cuisinart GR-4NP1 5-in-1 Multifunctional Griddler

Cuisinart 5-in-1GR-4NP1 electric Griddler is a bombshell! You have not used a griddle if you are still to use the Cuisinart 5-in-1 electric Griddler. Its versatility is unrivaled among the griddles we have listed here, it makes a perfect panini and it has the most impressive nonstick option. It is multifunctional; it could function as a:
· Full grill
· Contact grill
· Full griddle
· Panini press
· Half grill and half griddle
With its floating cover and a set of reversible plates, you can access five cooking options, making great meals even taste better! This food machine can make a large assortment of food options. The dual temperature control gives a consistent result, ensuring that meals are perfectly cooked at all times. The green and red indicators light Will prompt you when the Griddler has reached the set temperature and is ready to make a magical deliciousness. This 5-in-1 electric Griddler is high-performance, has comfortable hold, easy-clean, lightweight and compact.

2. 22-Inch Electric Griddle with Detachable Handles

Cooking for the family can be stressful, but with Presto 070761, this is fun and easy. Its large capacity allows you to cook all the food in one go! This family-sized griddle has a massive 231 square inch cooking surface area with a great heat control that maintains the perfect cooking temperature automatically. Its collapsible handles are functional; you don’t need tools, just detach from the latch clips or re-attach. On the plus side, its aluminum base is warp proof, excellent nonstick cooking, heats up quickly, easy mobility, easy storage, the drip tray is easy to clean and it comes with a one-year warranty. Presto 070761 offers both price and value!

3. Bella Copper Titanium Stick-free Electric Griddle

When you think of a hardworking griddle, you think of Bella’s 14606 electric griddle. Hardworking? Yes, the Bella griddle has a healthy- eco copper ceramic-titanium coating that offers superior nonstick performance. The ceramic coating is almost 10 times more durable than other griddles within its class and it cooks more than 30 percent faster than other non-stick griddles. At the touch of a button, you get a precise temperature control. No hot handles, it has even heat distribution, safer to use, ultra-easy cleaning and you can virtually cook anything with less energy. Flipping pancakes is even easier to do with Bella 14606; it comes with a built-in ledge with a backstop.

4. Presto Aluminum Cast Liddle Electric Griddle

A griddle with a large cooking surface area may not be what you need if you live alone or have a roommate. With this in mind, the Presto 07211 Liddle griddle is a perfect choice for one or two servings. Don’t underestimate Presto 07211 because of its size; this portable super lightweight griddle is a powerhouse. It is made of cast aluminum coat that prevents warping and provides even heat distribution. There is no need to flip the temperature setting as it automatically maintains the desired temperature from warm, up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a built-in channel to catch drippings and the deluxe nonstick design finish gives a stick-free cooking experience and easy cleaning.

5. Presto Cool Touch Nonstick Electric Griddle

Presto 07047 cool touch electric griddle is a perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication. This griddle has a low-profile design which makes it attractive; it can easily be used as a buffet server. With a 16-inch wide cooking surface area and a built-in backstop ledge, Preston 07047 is super easy for food handling. It is perfectly suited for any meal and it is safe for a dishwasher. There is no need to worry about burns and heat control; Preston 07047 has a cool-touch base around the cooking surface area and it automatically maintains the best cooking temperature. Enjoy hassle-free storage, stick-free cooking, and a warp-free cool touch electric griddle.

6. Oster DuraCeramic Titanium Infused Electric Griddle

The perfect example of an electric griddle with extra pizzazz is the Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic griddle. It is a unique and unconventional griddle that comes with a warming tray! After cooking, there is no need to worry about the food running cold because the griddle has a warming tray that keeps the food at an ideal temperature until it is ready to be served. With a 10 by 18.5-inch large cooking surface area, you can conveniently cook for a large number of people. Its healthy-eco titanium infused DuraCeramic coating makes it a lot more durable, stick-free and scratch-resistant. It cooks in a dash making you spend less time and saving you lots of energy. Oster DuraCeramic griddle offers so much more; versatility, effortless cleaning, and easy storage.

7. Black+Decker Large Capacity Nonstick Electric Griddle

When compared to other griddles within its class, the Black+ Decker electric griddle has an extra-large cooking surface area, super-fast cooking capacity, and accurate heat distribution. With a 200 square inch cooking surface, it can conveniently accommodate a large family of eight without hassle. Although big, it is lightweight and it comes with a click and lock thermostat with adjustable temperature. Size is not the only thing peculiar to the Black+ Decker electric griddle; it is versatile. With its built-in warming tray, your food is stored and kept in the perfect temperature until it is ready to be served. Cleaning this griddle is a complete breeze!

8. Presto 22-Inch Special Textured Ceramic Electric Griddle

Whether it is cooking for a large family or entertaining guests, Presto 07062 will always deliver. Nothing screams heavy-duty cooking like a heavy cast aluminum griddle that is virtually resistant to water and warp. Although this griddle has a 22-inch large cooking surface, its collapsible handles allow for easy storage in a standard-sized kitchen cabinet. With its special ceramic finishing, the cooking surface gives a high-quality nonstick experience. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, Presto 07062 automatically and efficiently maintains the perfect cooking temperature giving the most enjoyable cooking experience. A very functional griddle with the extra-large cooking surface, great design, easy cleaning, compact storage, and high durability.

9. 15 by 11-Inch Indoor Grill and Griddle

The Mega Chef Dual Surface Heavy Gauge doubles as a grill and a griddle. For the want of a better word, it is a food machine! It can cook and grill at the same time; multiple tools in one sophisticated machine. It has a dual-panel cooking surface of 15-inch by 11-inch, thus providing a large cooking surface area to take on as much food as possible. With its reversible cooking surface, you can grill your meat or veggies on one side, flip it, and use it as a griddle for your eggs and so much more. Its glass lid secures your food, keeping it warm and fresh. Once your delicious meal is done cooking, just wipe the cooking surface with a wet towel and it is as good as new. The easiest clean ever!

10. Express 8-Inch Round Electric Griddle

Dash DMG8100RD express electric griddle is compact and portable, great for people with kids and on the go foods. It doesn’t need you to assemble its parts, just unbox it, plug it in and you are ready to make a delicious meal. Once you put in your meal, heat it up for a few minutes, and the light indicator is turned off to let you know your meal is ready to be eaten. Quick and easy right? The Dash express electric griddle is perfect for a dorm, a cozy apartment, camping, RV traveling or small counter space. It comes in a sleek trendy design and multiple color options. On the plus side, the griddle comes with a recipe book. So, enjoy convenience and versatility without any mess.


What food can I cook on my griddle?

You can cook almost anything on your griddle!

How do I decide which griddle size to buy?

The amount of food you plan on cooking should determine your griddle size.

How do I clean my griddle?

Most griddles are easy to clean! You can use a moist towel or a soft brush and warm water to clean.

Are my griddle parts replaceable once broken?

Totally! However, it all depends on the broken part.

Is my griddle safe in the dishwasher?

Most electric griddles are dishwasher safe, but it is best to read the instruction manual to ensure its safety.


Griddles are one of the best devices ever to be invented in the cooking department; they are simple, fast and multifaceted. With the griddle, there is no need to worry about heat, or knowing whether the food is properly cooked or not. Choosing the right griddle to buy can be sometimes challenging, especially if you don’t have much experience or you are relatively new to cooking. There are some important criteria to think about when buying a griddle. They include size, coating surface, and functionality. Always bear in mind, that your griddle should fit your purpose, it should have a nonstick coating for a great cooking experience and cleaning ease, it should be able to make different meals and it should be easy to use. Do not put the design as a priority, in the world of griddles, functionality, and durability is king!

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