Best Microwave to Buy In 2020

Sometimes the sweet aroma of your best delicacies is what you need in your home. Especially a time like this, where you may be required to stay.
With dozens of microwaves flooding the market vying for buyers’ attention, it can be daunting to choose the best option for you. We created this guide to help you find the best option for your budget and needs.
This review has sifted through the best Microwave ovens in the market. Yes, these are the top-rated Microwaves out there. Here, we’ve condensed the best options of 2020. This guide will provide the essential details as to why these are the best choices you’ve got and things to consider when buying.
Cooking shouldn’t be a task that has to kill you. You’ve got to make sure meals are quickly prepared, kids are safe, meals stay warm for longer, and your cooking devices are economically friendly. This is where Microwave ovens come in.
If you’ve been looking for a helping hand, cooking appliances that conserve your surroundings, are affordable, easy to use, reheat foods faster, and are most cooks’ favorites. The best microwave ovens are what you need for your desires.
Let’s dive in:

1. AmazonBasics Microwave –Small & Affordable Oven

Whether you want to prepare popcorn, reheat your meals, or cook delicacies such as potatoes, the AmazonBasics will fully satisfy your desires. With its upgraded technology of a simplified keypad that recognizes voice commands of Alexa, you can quickly prepare your meals at all times.
AmazonBasics is perfectly designed for on-the-go folks and busy professionals who want meals prepared in the shortest time possible.
This is one of the best Microwaves that comes with enough counter space for your meals. It boils water faster and cooks food evenly as well as help you reorder popcorn when you run low on supply. The popcorn reorder capability is a feature of the replenishment technology the oven comes with.
Its child lock features ensure your kids are safe all the time, even when they attempt to serve meals themselves. There is also reduced food waste and contamination from exposure, which is a stubborn thing to prevent when using Microwaves that don’t have self-locking capabilities.
Thanks to its Alexa technology set-up, this Microwave will always give you additional preset options as the Alexa here usually gets smarter time after time.

2. Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN686S

Whether you desire to prepare large portions meals or reheat your leftovers perfectly, the Panasonic Oven will get you sorted.
It comes with a large capacity and advanced features of stable wattage that makes it a perfect household cooking device.
Even better, the Panasonic Oven comes with a professionally designed menu option that is detailed and able to translate different languages. You can enjoy its language options of English,French and Spanish without having to worry about a translator.
There are also other beneficial features with this Microwave which including: the inverter technology which ensures faster and accurate cooking outcome, stable power levels that will reach every ingredient of your meal, and an excellent keep warm mode that will ensure your food remains warm until you are ready to serve.
With the Panasonic Microwave, you’ll have access to a cooking sensor that is designed to recognize a variety of ingredients placed on it. The information from the cooking sensor is used to adjust the cooking time and power.
This means, based on the cooking sensor, you’ll be able to cook any type of food accurately and save power with a variety of foods that don’t need high levels of energy. This feature is one of the best from a microwave that hardly comes with other types of Ovens in the market.

3. Panasonic NN-SB458S Compact Microwave Oven

If you’re on the hunt for a highly innovative Microwave with high power levels and even cooking abilities, this is the right choice for you.
The Panasonic NN-SB458S oven comes to you with controls and magnificent auto menu items that help you brainstorm what you want to cook and then prepare it quickly for you to enjoy.
Just like the other Panasonic microwave ovens, this one also makes sure your kids are safe when using it, featuring a child safety lock. An even faster popcorn cooking time of about 30 seconds ensures your kids will have their popcorn quickly without disturbances.
The keep-warm feature is another excellent character of the Panasonic NN-SB458S that will help you keep your favorite soups, veggies, sauces, and desserts warmer for about 8 hours and above until you’re ready to serve them.
If you are dealing with frozen foods, reheating takes less than a minute for you to serve your hungry guests or stubborn kids.

4. Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven-Smart sensor Oven

The Toshiba Microwave is an excellent choice for cooking a variety of food within a reasonable amount of time as well as saving energy taking up minimal space.
With a pre-programmed sensor for menu options, this oven gives you a perfect chance to decide on making your favorites foods such as potatoes and pizzas. It has 120 volts that makes it the fastest oven you can get with a wallet-friendly price on the market.
Durability is another unique advantage for you with the Toshiba Oven. This is because it is made of stainless steel materials that last longer, even under harsh conditions. The capacity of the oven is large enough for families and guests gatherings. The clock and kitchen timer helps you cook your meal under set-time so you can quickly turn to other house chores.
If you want to defrost anything quickly, this is the best oven for you. It comes with a one-touch defrost set-up that is easy to use. Speaking of easy set-up, the oven comes with control panels and ten power settings that don’t need technical skills to operate.

5. Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SN936B Black Countertop

If you have been dreaming about a great counter oven, here’s one for you.
The Panasonic NN-SN936B black countertop is by far the best microwave from the Panasonic brand that is an excellent choice for counter cooking enthusiasts.
You are provided with inverter technology that gives you a stream of consistent meals results with power levels that will help to cook even the hard-to-break food and spices quickly.
Even better, this microwave is a master at work that ensures there’s no overcooking or burning of meals at any time. Defrosting is yet made better with a high speed defrosting that comes with the oven features.
For large families or a significant number of guests, this is still the best player for you. The oven has an extra-large counter space that enables you to prepare large-portion meals and prepare as much food as necessary.
Its smart setting makes this another good option because the sensor adjusts cooking time and power depending on the food you’re cooking. This means the oven is economically-friendly to help you save power cost as well as keep time in your cooking.

6. COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave Oven

Here’s another excellent choice for counter cooking lovers. The COMFEE’ counter microwave is the right choice if you’re interested in cooking with an oven that comes with mute functions, high power levels, and one-touch operational features.
Some ovens take away neighbors’ peace that shares balconies or live in close rentals because of their loud beeping. That is something that is prevented with the COMFEE’ microwave that comes with sound options where you can decide to completely switch it off or reduce the beeping and live in peace.
Its high power levels and 700 watts cooks meals faster and evenly. The oven has a large capacity that is suitable for big families and guests.
Cooking time and defrosting time is based upon the weight of the food and spices you’re cooking. This means if you’re in a rush want to leave quickly, you can still prepare a meal such as rice or snacks that weigh less and take less time to cook.
Cooking time ranges from 1 to 6 minutes, but with other types of food, it may take only about 30 seconds or less. Your kids are also safe with this oven because of its safety child locks.

7. Commercial Chef CHM660B Countertop Countertop Microwave

This one is highly recommended for kitchen enthusiasts lusting after an oven that will get them to reheat leftovers at night and calm their intense hunger.
Commercial Chef counter microwave is an excellent combo for snack lovers who are looking to prepare the fastest meals such as noodles and popcorns.
The oven is made of highly durable and robust materials with a sturdy construction design that gives strength to withstand harsh conditions and stays with you for long.
It also comes with grip handles that are easy to grab and use. The oven creators also made this one with users in mind. It is designed with a rotary dial system which is suitable for cooks who hate microwaves with complicated technicalities. This one comes with a simple to follow essential operational manual everyone at home can use.
Speaking of speedy cooking, you’ll love the commercial chef Oven’s speed and weight faster options that enable you to attend to multiple kitchen chores while preparing your meals.

8. BLACK+DECKER EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven

This is another excellent choice if you’re looking to use it with kids at home.
The BLACK+DECKER digital microwave is a great cooking appliance that comes with an easy to use and push button. Push buttons on the door and turntable prevent the burning of food and injuries sustained from heat or cooking oil. It is the safest oven in the market by far.
The buttons are made with a secure releasing mechanism that is good for kids and adults. If you have a house help who needs to be taught on how to use a microwave, you’re probably going to love this one because of its easy to use manual set-up.
High power of 700 watts and ten extra power settings give it the capabilities to cook food faster as well as save your power costs. The oven also houses enough display space where you can keep meals and quick snacks.
As for ease of cleaning, this oven comes with a removable turntable. This table is made of glass which needs regular cleaning. The control panels are always easy to read and use.

9. Nostalgia RMO400RED Retro Microwave Oven

Another good oven for counter cooking lovers is the Nostalgia Retro oven.
If you’re interested in reheating or cooking your meals with high power levels for faster results, this is your best shot. It comes with 800 watts capacity for the quickest cooking you’d ever imagined.
Nostalgia ovens have cooking controls that provide convenient cooking. Additionally, the oven comes with 12 pre-programmed settings that house the delay and express cooking options. With the delay timer, you can set the time you want your food to take and attend to other chores. For the express cooking option, you can control heating for optimal results of your meals.
Pizzas, veggies, and potatoes are the best and quickest meals you can prepare with the Nostalgia oven. The Microwave comes with a digital light to showcase you the settings as clear as you’d want to see them. This is an excellent feature to keep cooking your faster meals even at times of power loss.
The rotating carousel helps in cooking food evenly while the carousel accent is designed to add the beauty of staying in the kitchen playing with recipes. If you’re looking to enjoy cooking with kids, this is also an excellent oven to start with.

10. Nostalgia RMO4AQ Retro Large Countertop Microwave

Our review closes with another Nostalgia retro oven
This is a convenient cooking appliance that comes with pre-programmed settings that are easy to use as well. The digital set-up comes with a light that helps you display settings and cook your food perfectly.
It also has an express cooking option that is designed to increase the optimal heating of meals and cook or reheat foods faster. Its upgrade clock is digitally made for ease of use and handling. The control panels and child-safe locks make the oven even a better choice for homes with kids who love cooking and serving themselves.
It also comes with rotating carousels made of glass, which are made for evenly cooking recipes. It is also made with quick and straightforward dial set-up that helps you to navigate settings naturally as well as faster turn and push programmed buttons. All these features mean one thing, cooking your meals as fast as possible.


My Microwave oven’s fan keeps running, and its light stays on after cooking. Is it normal?

Yes, it is normal. Most commercial ovens get hotter compared to domestic ovens. This happens because of their high power levels. The fan keeps running to help cool the microwave. It takes about 30 seconds to cool all the components inside wholly. The light will always turn off automatically once the fan has stopped.

What should I do when my Microwave oven’s clean filter light turns on?

Commercial ovens come with an air filter cleaning reminder feature that reminds you that the filter needs cleaning. When you see the clean filter light turning on, it is time to clean the filter.

What is Microwave stage cooking?

This is a feature that is designed to allow you a chance to change your settings easily. the stage cooking program that enables you to do multiple chores with your oven, such as set-up a defrost state, cooking as well as keeps meals warm all at once.

What is the best overall Microwave for me on the market?

The choice of the oven that suits your needs depends on factors such as the number of people you want to cook for, the frequency of your cooking, and the time you desire to take when cooking.
If you’re only interested in warming food, for instance, the right choice is a microwave with about 1000-watts power levels and a touchpad or a few dial set-ups. For large families and frequent cooking, a large microwave with a higher power capability and speed is what you may want to have.

Is it possible to program items into my dial timer microwave?

Yes, you can do this by clicking on the set-up menu denoted as Celcook Cel1000D option. This option houses a dial timer that is digitally designed to help you program about ten items frequently.


As you can see, the work of a microwave isn’t just reheating soups, but also preparation of your best meals as well as baking and grilling your meat. When it comes to the best Microwaves of 2020, this guide has selected the top-rated choices
This guide will help you select the one that you think is the best for you, walk you through the things to keep in mind when buying and help you answer any questions when it comes to Microwaves. This is your chance to buy the oven that you’ve always wanted. Get your hands on the best and enjoy!

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