Best Stovetop Espresso Maker To Buy In 2020

A stovetop espresso maker, also called moka pot, is an appliance that brews coffee for you to enjoy in a few minutes. It was invented in 1933 by the Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti and it has become an Italian cultural symbol since then. Moka pots are also displayed in museums of modern art and design, such as the MoMA in New York and the Science Museum in London: this proves the profound impact that this product had on our life.
Nowadays there are many products which come in different sizes and models. Espresso makers can be stove-tops or electric, but both work by passing boiled water (that has been pressurized by steam) through the ground coffee seeds. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing between so many products that may all sound the same. That’s where we come in: as usual, we did a deep research through the Internet and we selected the top 10 stovetop espresso makers you can find on the online marketplace. You just have to relax and read through the lines of our list!

1. Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker

The first product of our list is sold by Bialetti, the Italian company of the homonym inventor of moka pots Alfonso Bialetti. This appliance makes espresso coffee according to the traditional Italian style. Entirely Made in Italy, this moka pot is realized in sturdy aluminum that makes the product last longer than its usual competitors. The peculiar aspect of Bialetti’s moka pot is that it improves with constant usage, so if you want to be sure to make the right “investment” this product is definitely for you! The product is also safe to use: it features a safety valve that prevents the drink from overheating and spilling when left unguarded. The handle is cool-touch and prevents your fingers from getting burned. Pouring is easy thanks to the ergonomic spout, but always pay attention when doing it since the body of the product is very hot! Once poured, all you have to do is enjoy the cup of espresso coffee!

2. Bialetti Elegance Venus Espresso Maker

The second product on our list, also sold by Bialetti, is entirely made of 18/10 stainless steel (even the interior components) and doesn’t contain aluminum or other toxic substances, which is an ideal feature for those who want to enjoy healthy coffee. The product is designed in an elegant shape, but you should be careful when handling it since it’s easy to get burnt if you don’t follow the safety precautions included in the instructions. This appliance features a 16 oz liquid capacity, which is the equivalent of 10 tiny cups of coffee. It suits you if you live in a small family or if you prepare coffee occasionally.

3. Imusa Usa Espresso Stovetop Coffee Maker

This espresso stovetop is made of resistant aluminum, a durable material that also keeps the coffee warm once it’s ready. The product has a 3-cup capacity, which is enough to provide coffee for a small family or group of friends. Also, it features a cool-touch handle and a top knob to allow you to serve coffee without getting burnt, but remember to be careful when pouring the drink through the flip-up top since the moka body is hot. The product is designed to be compact, it can be carried around easily and can be stored in any cupboard. Hand wash only is strongly recommended.

4. GROSCHE Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker

This appliance, sold by Grosche, is available in different sizes to prepare various amounts of coffee at once. You can choose the product with the best cup capacity to suit your needs. The product is designed imitating the Italian Bialetti style, which results in a great-quality built moka pot. This appliance is provided with the “Safety Valve” certification Made in Italy, which adds safety to the product by preventing internal pressure from increasing to a dangerous point. Additionally, the soft-touch handle is rubber-coated and prevents your fingers from getting burnt, while the silicon gasket seal prevents leaks and maintains the correct pressure level.

5. Bellemain Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka

The fifth product on our list, sold by the New York-based company Bellemain, is designed to be safe. It features a safety valve that prevents overheating, a cool-touch handle, and a top knob to protect your fingers while you pour the prepared coffee in your cup. Talking about cups, this appliance is available in different models and can prepare from 3 to 12 cups at once depending on the product size you choose. Every product model is made of aluminum that prevents metallic flavors. Additionally, you can prepare different coffees, such as French press, cold-brew, espresso, and many more!

6. Delonghi Emk6 Espresso Maker

This product is sold by DeLonghi, another Italian excellence in the world of coffee makers. This appliance is provided with a filter adapter that allows you to prepare 3 or 6 cups of coffee, depending on the number of guests you have to serve coffee to. The product is designed to be safe: it has an automatic shut-off function to prevent the coffee from burning or overflowing. Also, the product shuts off when its body is lifted from the base. The keep-warm option maintains the drink hot for at least 30 minutes. The transparent container allows you to check the coffee while being heated. The boiler is made of aluminum, which prevents bad flavors in the drink.

7. Vremi Stovetop Espresso Maker

This affordable espresso maker prepares your morning coffee in less than 5 minutes, which is good if you have a fast-paced lifestyle. You can prepare authentic espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. It’s a small appliance that makes up to 6 demitasse cups, which is the equivalent of 1.4 liters of coffee at once. Also, it’s a compact product and lets you save space: you can place it anywhere in your house and you can even take it with you if you go camping, for example. The product has a cool design: the body is made of durable aluminum and has an octagonal shape that diffuses heat evenly.

8. Bonvivo Intenca Stovetop Espresso Maker

Bonvivo insists on the superior quality of his products. This appliance is addressed specifically to those people who want a mellow, aromatic espresso cup. The flavor is obtained thanks to the Intenca stainless steel material of which the product is made of. Additionally, this espresso maker features silver variations and copper-chrome finishes, which gives the product an elegant and stylish appeal. The appliance produces up to 6 cups of “the finest Italian espresso”, which is enough to enjoy a coffee break with a group of friends or relatives. Finally, the moka pot can be washed in a dishwasher, but handwash is strongly recommended.

9. Bialetti Espresso Coffee Maker

Almost at the end of our list, we encounter another Bialetti’s product. This appliance features a modern, exclusive design. It is entirely made of 18/10 stainless steel, except for the handle. The handle is the really distinctive feature of the product, because it creates extra space from the body of the coffee maker. This ensures you to be safer when handling the appliance, avoiding your fingers from getting burnt. Additionally, the handle is made of heat-resistant bakelite. This product stands out from the others on this list also because it can be washed in a dishwasher! Lastly, this coffee maker has a capacity of 6 cups at once.

10. Imusa Electric Coffee/Moka Maker

The last product on our list, sold by Imusa, allows you to choose between 3 or 6 cups of coffee thanks to the insert included. Additionally, this coffee maker lets you prepare different types of coffee, so you can enjoy a traditional Italian espresso as well as a Cuban coffee. The product features an on/off switch and comes with a detachable base to let you serve the coffee with ease. The container is transparent and lets you check the brewing process of the drink. This appliance makes coffee in about 10 minutes: it takes more time than its competitors but provides a flavorful coffee that gives you the right charge to start the morning!


Is the material important?

It is. The material of which a coffee maker is made can make a difference in the resulting taste of the drink. Also, the right material spreads heat in a proper way. Aluminum and stainless steel coffee makers should be preferred to other materials.

Can I customize the number of cups obtained?

It depends on the product. Some appliances give you this opportunity, while others may produce a single coffee type. As for the question above, make sure you check before buying.

Can I prepare different types of coffee?

It depends on the product. Some appliances give you this opportunity, while others may produce a single coffee type. As for the question above, make sure you check before buying.

Are some products faster than others when making coffee?

Yes, they are. Some products will prepare coffee in less than 5 minutes, while others may take some time. However, moka pots that take longer usually provide richer, more flavorful coffee.

Is price a factor to be taken into consideration?

The answer depends on your needs. If you want to buy a product with multiple functions, different cup capacities and sturdy construction you may have to consider spending some money. Otherwise, if you’re buying your first coffee maker or just want to enjoy coffee at home unpretentiously, you can find the right product at a very low price.


Making coffee is considered to be an art by many people. We can all agree that a cup of flavorful espresso coffee in the morning can give the right boost to start the day. It is also an amazing drink to enjoy a break with. As we could see, there are plenty of products available online and each one provides unique features. Remember to take safety and material composition into consideration when buying a coffee maker. Obviously, your needs play a central role when deciding which product to buy. In any case, now you should have all the required info to make the right purchase!

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