Best Waffle Irons To Buy In 2020

Add a waffle iron to your kitchen’s arsenal to ensure that you can make the most delicious and perfect waffles. Usually, it is composed of two hinged metal plates that are molded to give the waffle its classical honeycomb pattern. You can pour in batter or place the dough between the plates. After closing them, the heat will cook the food and you will get a delicious, tasteful and sweet dessert-flavored delicacy to suit your palate. You can bake waffles for a morning breakfast, for brunch, or just for a quick snack. A waffle is very similar to a pancake, but it’s more difficult to achieve a great appearance; that’s where waffle irons come in!
There are a few different varieties of waffle irons available online. Each product can bake different types of waffles: some irons produce very thin waffles, while others bake traditional Belgian style, which is thicker. Even the material used can bring significant differences to the product: professional irons are made of cast iron, while domestic ones are made Teflon-coated (that means waffles won’t stick on the coat).
We have conducted our research in this wide world of waffles and we selected the top 10 best waffle irons to buy in 2020 for you! Make yourself comfortable: all you have to do is read through our reviews. Let’s get started!

1. Presto Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

The first product we encounter on this list is sold by Presto. It is a waffle iron that features a professional-style rotating design provided with extra-thick grids to bake a perfect, thick Belgian waffles. The grid is subdivided into 4 sections that make the waffle easy to cut. This product also features a dual function base that assures proper rotation when baking. Additionally, it is a compact product that can be folded vertically to save some space. This appliance has a countdown timer that displays digital signals when the cooking cycle is completed. The interiors are non-stick and this ensures easy cleanup. Remember that you have to hand wash this product since it’s not dishwasher safe. A cool feature of this product is that you can completely flip it to spread the batter and to achieve fluffy waffles on the inside while being crispy on the outside!

2. Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

The second appliance on our list is sold by Cuisinart and features a design that will give you classic, rounded waffles. Every waffle will be baked according to the traditional style of Belgian waffle baking, which results in larger waffles. This product has 5 browning settings to let you achieve the desired baking level. It’s good for you if you like to try different tastes. Working at 120 V, these appliances prepare waffles quickly. This waffle iron is designed with a round, non-stick cook plate with four quarters. Its compact shape is ideal if you’re looking for easy storage. The materials used are BPA-free. Finally, this product is provided with a 3 years warranty.

3. Oster Belgian Waffle Maker

Sold by Oster, this waffle maker bakes large, round waffles according to the thicker Belgian style. The waffle will be full of deep pockets that hold sweet-flavored toppings and syrups. This product features an 8-inch plate that quickly prepares your waffles. Additionally, the plate is easy to clean due to its non-stick nature. A nice feature is the adjustable temperature function that lets you control the heat while baking to get the desired browning, according to the types of batters used. The product comes with a stainless steel housing to add durability and works at 1080 W.

4. Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker

This appliance is designed to be versatile: you can bake tasty Belgian waffles to enjoy a pleasant, tasteful break, but you can also cook more! You can set your creativity free with this product since you can prepare basic recipes as well as gourmet ones. The product features a non-stick Belgian grid to bake thick, flavorful waffles. Additionally, is it made of premium stainless steel that is easy to clean and store. It is also stylish: you can place it in your kitchen to give it a chic look. No guesswork is needed: the top indicator lights tell you when the iron is hot and when it’s time to pour in the batter!

5. Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

This appliance provides the ability to make two deep-pocket Belgian waffles at the same time. Each waffle is thick and delicious, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Additionally, there are 6 settings to customize the browning you want to achieve. The grid is non-stick coated and it allows you to release waffles comfortably and ensures effortless cleanup. It works at the impressive power of 1400 W. It is also provided with two LED indicator lights that illuminate every time a single waffle is ready, so you don’t have to worry about checking while baking! Additionally, you can easily bake top and bottom thanks to the easy-to-handle rotary mechanism.

6. Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker

This appliance is cool since it allows you to flip the waffles while preparing them. This makes them thicker and fluffier on the inside and crispier on the outside. The non-stick removable plates allow you to easily remove the waffle once it’s ready. Additionally, the grid can be detached to provide comfort cleanup. Another cool feature is that you can adjust browning controls to customize your waffle to satisfy your palate. The product is made of stainless steel that gives a nice-looking appeal to the appliance. It suits almost every kitchen and fits on your countertop with no issues!

7. Disney DCM-12 Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Here we find a funny concept: this waffle iron will make sweet and tasty waffles that are Mickey Mouse-shaped! It’s a lovely idea if you have kids since they will enjoy seeing a well-known icon on their food! This product features a non-stick plate that can be easily cleaned with a few swipes. Of course, the grid is shaped like Mickey Mouse. The product also has a Mickey Mouse light indicator that displays when the waffle is ready. This appliance has a 1-year warranty. This is the right choice for you if your kids, or even you, love Mickey Mouse!

8. Bella Rotating Belgian Waffle Maker

This appliance will suit your desire of eating flavorful, sweet Belgian waffles at your home. Waffles will be ready in just a few minutes! The product features a rotating function and a cool-touch handle that allows you to cook evenly with a few wrist movements. Additionally, you can give the waffle the desired browning by choosing between 9 browning settings. Provided with non-slip feet, the appliance has non-stick surfaces that automatically lock when using the waffle maker. Also, the product features a practical drip tray to reduce batter mess. Also, you can detach it and easily wash it in a dishwasher. The coat is made of ceramic and copper to ensure long-lasting usage of the product.

9. Black+Decker Flip Waffle Maker

This waffle maker features a Rotate and Cook system that lets you prepare a perfect waffle with a simple flip. Each waffle plate is 7” large and allows to bake up to 4 waffles for every batch. This product also features a non-stick surface that will let you release the waffle with no hassle while keeping out excessive oil and butter. Additionally, it makes the product easier to clean. There is a light indicator that tells you exactly when the waffle is ready and when the machine is ready to cook again. Another useful feature is the cool-touch handle that locks the plates to prevent dripping while cooking.

10. Oster DuraCeramic Belgian Waffle Maker

This product, sold by Oster, can bake tasty and thick Belgian waffles 30% faster than a usual competitor, allowing you to save time and energy. The big deal of this appliance is the material of which it’s made of: the titanium-infused DuraCeramic coating is designed to last up to 8 times more than ordinary non-stick coatings. Additionally, the ceramic is entirely natural, it won’t flake and it’s easy to clean. The product features an adjustable temperature control that lets you customize your waffle to achieve fluffy, light or crispy consistency. Last but not least, it’s a stylish product: the chrome-polished housing is elegant and will fit your kitchen easily.


Which are the most important features in a waffle maker?

Besides safety and power, the important feature to consider here is the type of waffle you want to bake. If you love Belgian waffles, then you should opt for a Belgian waffle maker.

Can I combine effectiveness and appeal?

Of course! If you’re interested in buying a stylish product there are plenty available on the market. There are a few listed above that will surely fit your kitchen!

Are flip waffle makers better?

They usually are. They can cook evenly and provide tasteful, delicious waffles. However, even standard waffle irons will do it greatly.

How long does a waffle iron last?

A waffle maker usually lasts long. It also depends on how often you clean it. Additionally, the materials used can make a difference and cause the product to last even longer.

Can I cook other food?

Yes, you can. Remember that waffle irons are usually employed to make waffles and it’s unusual to bake other food. Regardless, you can if you want to. Always make sure the product allows you to do so.


The world of waffle irons is fascinating and also appetizing. The idea of a crispy, tasteful waffle is always tempting. You can enjoy an exquisite break at home since you can also decorate your waffle with chocolate, sugar syrup or strawberries. There are many products available on the market and each one is unique. The right one for you depends on your needs, but now you should have all the required info to make the right purchase. Remember to buy a safe product, but most importantly check your figure: it’s easy to gain some weight when waffles are baked so deliciously!

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